Blade's Chronicles

Well I picked up this book in Calamity and I guess I should chronicle my adventures because I seem to wind up dead a lot. Who knows, it may became part of halfling history one day and I could become a renowned pirate/adventurer. I like that idea. Well where to begin…I guess at the Bad Habit Tavern, my vital role in the progression of the party needs to be known from the very beginning. Our adventuring group started at the Bad Habit, we all met and became friends. Our group includes Me, Cade, Mondemoth, Spinna, and . Cade ,a halfling, was a pirate like myself and he is a pretty trustworthy mate, he is in fact the group treasurer. Cade and I have held a certain pact with each other to watch the other’s back. Its a big world and halflings need to stick together. Mondemoth, there isn’t much to say about him. A reserved half-elf that will not drink a drop of liquor, he acts as the healer in the group. Spinna is an elf who is rather feisty and uses improvised weapons in combat, rather dangerous everywhere but not as much as myself. We decided one night at the Bad Habit to explore past the Northwall and we all made a pact regarding treasure and party well being. We set out from Northwall soon after in a _________ direction where we happened upon a ring of stones. The ring of stones looked harmless but in the cracks of the stones came out these large mosquito like insects. The captain had his blood sucked by one of these creatures and fell sick to filth fever. He had to be sent back to town to receive rest and healing. Well that is good for now. I need to get sleep if I am expected to be in top stabbing condition tomorrow.



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