Blade's Chronicles

I almost died again today and I feel my battle prowess and all around skills should be written so my deeds will always be remembered. We traveled onward to the Redhills and went through a narrow canyon. An ambush of hobgoblins got us in the middle of the canyon and we were surrounded. They made us surrender our weapons and stand against the canyon wall to search and bind us. I wasn’t gonna let them get my blades so then the first hobgoblin tried to search me I killed him. A little fight broke out and I ended up bleeding and unconscious, again. I’ll have you know that it isn’t because I can’t fight but I get ganged up on. Halflings always get picked on which is why you need mates at your back like my quiet healing friend Mondemoth and sniper Cade. Anyways so after that Mondemoth fixed me up enough to get back into the cart and did what I would call a pirate reatreat. The hobgoblins set a trap in the canyon and they dropped flaming logs on us. They may be ugly but don’t let that make you think they aren’t smart or organized. The cart was damaged but we still continued on and we stopped to set up a defensive position and laid down traps. Me and Spinna set ourselves up hidden in the ground and hide in ambush. They came after us with what I can only describe as a dinosaur turtle that ran through our traps and knocked over the cart. Their troops and commander came afterwards so me and Spinna ambushed the leader. Spinna distracted him with fire bombs and I lept out and cut him. Hahaha I was too much for him and I slayed him, he didn’t last but a couple seconds. I took the fighting spirit out of them with that and sent his mooks on a retreat. I don’t know where our gang would be without me. I take the brunt of battle and strike where it counts most.



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