Spinna's Testements

To the Ancients

Second Lunday of Vycamuary, 58CR
The coming of mags presence was a colorful bridge spanning the chasm between this world and the next with her guiding light my fellows and I were able to defend ourselves against an onslaught of small heathens. With the help of the ancients we stood stalwartly and defended against the small green ones. I had though the ancients had lost sight of me when I found myself surrounded by the green ones, but guided by their will I was able to deftly fly from battle only to return on vengeance’s wings. I shrouded them in doubt and they found themselves tangled in fear, with one I brought down the other, and another torn asunder by one of my compatriots. I felt the bite of hate but one of my brothers in the faith was able to heal, not only myself, but the party. With the enemies struck down and on the run arrows flew to sunder two of the fliers, truly today the ancients were on our side. To think had I had stayed these experiences would not be mine.



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