Spinna's Testemants

Much has occured since I have had the time to reflect and inscribe my thoughts to the aniciants luckily meditation keeps things clear.
As of late through several brief encounters on including a Bear who was Bugged, viciously and maliciously attacked our camp with his minions. But with the aide of the ancients I found myself firmly planted in the cart, which laid onto me many riches with which to bludgeon the Bugged Bear. The halfling was of great assist in striking his now infamous last minute saving blow striking him down most riotously.
Upon the second day we found ourselves in outside of the city of calamity and as a team we spent what may have been hair wrenching, but ultimately successful time planning our attack. Calamity was apparently a town in the North that was semi prosperous before they were forced from their homes by raiders. We deftly put down the goblins that guarded the fort, but what provided a challenge was a demon imp. Again the halfing took a stinger to the chest and sacrificed his own life, threw himself to the ground. Sundering the imp beneath him, who immediately transformed into a giant spider with whom I briefly rode until sundered by our human. We stayed their for a day exploring, it was clear these people were followers of the frost queen, which the monsters had little respect for and left to debris. With the help of the party we rectified the issue as best we could, before marking it and returning to Northwall.
As we followed the lines of lay through the plane, we came across a sunken church to the dark goddess Tya. I finding it most disconcerting how quick my compatriots are to sunder something they do not understand. The cleric of our party brother of the faith shocked me with his lack of tolerance and understanding, it bothers me how quick they are to action. But to add to my frustration she left a puzzle in her ruin for us to decern involving mirrors and eyes. With the help of my friends we were not able to solve the mystery I can not define if I am frustrated with the goddess who placed this before me or my parties lack of tolerance. Clearly I must reflect and meditate on calm, and focus on tolerance. Father Fall was right that life outside of home would be challenging.
Possible this is a test maybe I have gotten to self sure to take defeat, do the fact there has not yet been a challenge we have not yet been able to overcome. But my frustration and pride has yet to be dampened by modesty and patiance. Clearly why I did not stay at home. In the words of the ancients GRRRR and other explicative which I have heard from the human and halflings.



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