Spinna's Testemants

What times have passed since I have last scribed my thoughts to paper. Much has happened and I can not exhaust my ink by telling you all the detail I shall merely give you highlights from our campaign.
My first piece of advice never leave home without the elements at your back and cold iron in your pocket as well as all the other important adventuring gear. When dealing with Fey you will find it both helpful and life saving, also note Fey can be very gluttonous characters who lust for the kind of good times that could take a night or a life time.
Second note the safest place to be on a dragon is behind his head, side note this also provides surprising bonuses for those beneath the dragon, or drake. Finally digestive systems of drakes, are not easily navigated nor pleasantly smelling, and very corrosive. Luckily after the wild orgy we as a team could meet all challenges placed before us, well most. Also drinking heavy from fey grog will make you wish you had not been conceived in the morning….without the proper constitution for it.
Finally dragging ice trolls behind a cart is not a hate crime rather a lucky and ingenious way to deal with serious amounts of damage reduction and heal spells.



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