• Azael Castor

    Azael Castor

    "I don't know, I got DR: 1..."
  • Blade Nine-Lives

    Blade Nine-Lives

    Blade is a jumpy halfling that is always ready for action with blades in hand.
  • Cade Iron-Guts

    Cade Iron-Guts

    A high-spirited halfling that is enjoying a life of liesure after recently retiring from a life of unrequited loves and piracy.
  • Grailin Solderon

    Grailin Solderon

    Grailin is a gnome engineer that seeks adventure beyond Northwall for funds and a source of new innovation.
  • Lemik Longshanks

    Lemik Longshanks

    A virtuous halfling that strives for purity of the soul, he is adventuring past Northwall to strengthen his faith and collect tithes for the church of Torag and the Trueforged
  • Luther Vidoris

    Luther Vidoris

    A Magesmith-in-Training; he is stubborn in his pursuit of rare iron for crafting weapons.
  • Mondemoth


    Mondemoth is a half-elf, with sapphire blue eyes and silver hair. He has a scar of a crescent moon underneath his right eye.
  • Spinna Drake-Rider

    Spinna Drake-Rider