Cade Iron-Guts

A high-spirited halfling that is enjoying a life of liesure after recently retiring from a life of unrequited loves and piracy.


Str 9
Dex 18
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 14

AC 17
Hit Die 3
Hit Points 19

Base Attack +2
CMB +0
CMD 14

Fort +2
Ref +8
Will +3

Perception +9


An aimless, ex-pirate sniper. Cade has long enjoyed his wanderings, whether at the top of the mast in the crow’s nest or asleep in the gutter. He was brought up by the roughest and the hardest drinking pirates lead by a dread pirate captain. After “running aground” due to “some mutual misunderstandings” and some “poor diplomatic decisions” Cade has left his old life. Three months of stumbling from one seedy bar to another has left Cade destitute, broke, suffering from a dolorous string of hangovers, and in Northwall. One last lucky break was all he needed to right himself, again. The owner of the Bad Habit might know of something or he might just give Cade one more drink on the house for old times sake.

Cade Iron-Guts

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