Lemik Longshanks

A virtuous halfling that strives for purity of the soul, he is adventuring past Northwall to strengthen his faith and collect tithes for the church of Torag and the Trueforged


Name:Lemik Longshanks/Karig of the Trueforged
Class:Paladin(Warrior of Light)




Lemik had his parents kidnapped at age 7 by slavers in the middle of the night. His parents ,in their last act of love, hid him away from the slavers. Due to hunger and lack of necessities he soon joined one of the local thieving guilds that was comprised of other halfling children who had met similar fates. His life changed for the better one afternoon while skulking around in the aritsocratic part of town for suitable clothing and descent food to purloin. He happened upon a general store with all the supplies he needed and took to getting them. He was, however spotted by the store owner and in the ensuing commotion the store owner caught Lemik and a crowd was also drawn into the store. As was standard, jail and the cutting off of a the perpetraitor’s hand were the punishment. The store owner decided that he was going to perform the latter himself and moved to cut off his hand. As the store owner was in mid strike his hand was caught by a dwarven paladin who had been a spectator in the crowd. The dwarf convinced the store owner to hand over Lemik for three times the amount he would fetch as a slave. The dwarf ,Sorin, took Lemik back to his home where he treated him as if he was his child. They rapidly bonded and become like father and son to each other. Sorin taught Lemik the dwarven language and trained him martially and spiritually in the ways of dwarves. Sorin ,being of the order of paladins called the Trueforged,allowed Lemik to train with the paladins in this order. Lemik quickly became a paladin of Torag himself and was innondated into this order as well. Sorin ,feeling Lemik was ready, told him that to quickly build has faith and temper the purity of his soul he needed to adventure and experience the world. Lemik ,eager to test himself and bolstered by his new found faith left for Northwall where adventure and challenge had reached his ear.

Lemik Longshanks

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